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Become a Member

Become a Member:

To become a member you may send your $20 per couple or single membership to our treasurer. Members dues are currently $20 per dual or individual, payable to PKPS. Each family or individual membership may be husband/wife, mother/ daughter, partners,etc... Your dues entitle you to all the privileges of a member, voting, free library use, discounted magazines, special purchases, bus trips, door prizes, members guide, handouts and informative newsletters 10 times a year. Society members often share plants, fish and other pond related items. Receive the members' manual , use of the Society's extensive library, and participation in all special events. Join today! Click on the link below to print  Membership Form.

You can fill out the Pond Questionnaire and Pond Directory one of two ways. Either click the link below and print out the pdf. form and mail it, or fill out the form(s) below and click the submit button.

Full Name:
1. How old is your pond ?
--Who built your pond ? Yourself or Professional ?
2. What is the shape of your pond ?
--Width x Length x Depth
--Pump Size
3. Do you have a bottom drain, does it work well ?
4. Do you have rocks and/or gravel on the bottom of your pond ?
5. Do you have plant shelves in your pond ?
6. What type of plants do you have ?
7. How many fish do you have ? What type ?
8. What was your biggest challenge ?
9. What one piece of advice would you offer someone who is thinking about installing a pond ?
10. How did you find out about PKPS ?
11. Can you e-mail pictures of your pond to be included with an article in the newsletter ?
--Please send pictures to Please put your name in the subject line. Thank You

The Club is investigating the possibilty of a Club Directory to be used strictly for pond club members. If the club dicides to go forward with same, please complete the following question's and click the send button. If  there is any information you do not want included in the proposed club directory, simply leave blank.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address
Month ( only ) of birth for Newsletter Birthday Wishes:
Spouse's month ( only ) of birth:

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